New Year, New Job(s): Master the Art of Crafting a Winning Resume

We've got the inside scoop on top tips that will elevate your resume and set you apart from the crowd.

By JVG Strategies

Navigating the job market can be a nightmare and today, Job seekers have more opportunities to showcase their skills and achievements than ever before. With that being said, competition is now much more fierce, making it increasingly more difficult to create a resume that stands out from the crowd. We’re spilling the tea on some of our top tips that will boost your resume and help you stand out in the job-seeker market!

Tailor Your Resume
To catch the attention of recruiters and increase your chances of being selected, include industry-specific keywords in your resume that are relevant to the job you’re applying for. By strategically incorporating keywords into your resume, you will help the Applicant Tracking System (ATD) identify a match in your skills and qualifications with those required in the job position, therefore increasing your chances of being recognized as the most ideal candidate.

ATS-Friendly Keywords
Your online presence is a powerful tool to showcase your skills and qualifications and can speak volumes about your candidacy for the job. Ensure to include links to your LinkedIn profile (we strongly advise keeping this up to date too!), online portfolio, or personal website on your resume - where applicable, of course! This will give recruiters an opportunity to view examples of your past work and gain a better understanding of skills and experience. Not to mention, you’ll be giving them a little something extra to review you as a potential employee.

Resume Format
Sending the same generic resume to every job opening can decrease your chances of being shortlisted. A visually appealing resume is a great way to grab a recruiter’s attention and is more likely to keep them engaged. Consider using infographics, charts, or other graphics to present your experience and achievements in a unique and eye-catching way. We’ll also stress that you should review what types of resumes your field utilizes, because at times, less is more. However, where appropriate, this is a great way to differentiate your resume from the competition.

Apply With Intention
Like we said above, applying with a generic resume is not the best idea. Be sure to revise your resume for each and every job application. Remember, your skillset can likely be applied to various roles - so be sure that your skillset is reflected for the role you’re applying for - meaning, feel free to revamp your resume and previous job experience for each application you apply to. For example, if you’re applying for a role that is more branded focused than social media - and you have experience in both areas - be sure to have your resume reflect your brand strategy experience over your community management skills. Goal here is to keep the most relevant details on your resume as it pertains to the role you’re hoping to land.

Keep it Concise
In the digital age, recruiters are inundated with resumes, and often have limited time to review each one. Keep your resume concise, to the point and easy to read. Focus on quality over quantity and aim for a single page resume that highlights your most relevant skills and achievements.Utilize industry-specific keywords from the job listing, and keep your resume tailored to what they are looking for. Ask yourself this: Does my experience align with the job’s description? Consider the question (the problem they are looking to have solved) and your resume should be the answer (the resolution to solving all said problems!)

Crafting a resume that showcases both your experience and your skillset is crucial - not to mention will help you stand out to any job recruiter. Sprinkle a few of these tips in your resume and you’ll be ready to apply for your next dream role. Best of luck on your new job search!