Our online courses offer valuable, digestible content that equips you with the skills needed to land a job or elevate yourself professionally. Gain invaluable industry insights, practical skills, and a competitive edge to thrive in today's rapidly evolving job market.

    • Prepped | Get Interview Ready

      $95.00 USD

      The Prepped course takes you step-by-step to get you interview ready. Learn best practices, effective company research, storytelling skills, interview etiquette, questioning techniques, and leverage AI-assisted tools for enhanced preparation. Gain the secrets to interview excellence, empowering you to confidently navigate interviews and make a lasting impact on hiring managers.

    • Bold | Master Confident Presence & Delivery

      $75.00 USD

      Learn the essential skills to boost your self-confidence when speaking and presenting, so you can easily capture the attention of audiences in different professional situations. Enhance your ability to express your thoughts clearly and powerfully, enabling you to effectively communicate your ideas. Develop assertiveness to confidently contribute and make an impact in professional settings.

    • Pitched | Perfect the 'Tell Me About Yourself' question


      The Pitched course is designed to empower you to create a compelling introduction that leaves a lasting impression. By crafting a concise and engaging elevator pitch, you'll effectively communicate your value proposition, enhance your networking abilities, improve your interview performance, and establish a strong personal brand.

    • Worthy | Get the Compensation you Deserve

      $90.00 USD

      Develop the confidence to tackle salary conversations head-on. We'll help you gain clarity on the compensation you deserve and how you should ask for it. You'll also sharpen your negotiation skills, helping you learn how to secure favorable compensation packages and maximize your earning potential. We'll also help break down the components of total compensation so you can understand the full value of what you're offered.